1 Jan
Project Clerk
Guaynabo, PR

Position Summary               

The Project Clerk is responsible for the daily processing of all accounts payable pertaining to the assigned project.  Also, the Project Clerk is responsible for the generation of contract related documentation, as specified by the Project Manager.  These documents may include PO's, CO's, Payment Requisitions, and Sub-Contractor Agreements, Applications & Certifications for Payment, accounting backup documentation preparation and Sub-contractor Agreements analysis as required.

The Project Clerk is responsible to process all Subcontractor & Supplier invoicing for each project in order to complete the Monthly Billing and Invoicing Cycle.

Primary Duties

Cost Control

  • Ensure that all invoices are coded and authorized by the required supervisor before processing.
  • Reconcile the monthly vendor statements with the accounts payable trial balance.
  • Follow-up unmatched open purchase orders, receiving reports and/or vendor invoices.
  • Match shipping orders for returned goods with vendors' credit memos.
  • Prepare PO's and/or CO's with the information provided by the Project Manager and/or Project Engineer and process the information.
  • Enter the "bill of materials" as receipts.
  • When invoices arrive convert receipts into invoices and make the process to post the invoices in Accounts Payable.
  • Prepare weekly reports for unprocessed invoices.
  • Prepare reports as required.
  • Enter the construction labor (crew) payroll.

Account Receivable

  • Gather, submit and/or track any required documentation for billing purposes on a timely manner.
  • Prepare Cost-based invoices required by the particular project contract agreement.
  • Prepare reports as required.

Contract Management

  • Process payment requisition.
  • Make sure that the payment requisition is signed by client and it's returned to the office for proper filing.
  • Enter all CO's to the contract.
  • Assist in reviewing and preparing any required documentation regarding changes to the scope of work that may affect the progress of the project.
  • Assist in reviewing extensions of time requests by subcontractors and in preparing any change management document with the required supporting documentation.

Quality Control

  • Assist in the monitoring of assigned projects in accordance with DDD Group's procedures and methodologies to ensure projects are delivered to clients on time, on budget and to specifications while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Support the field office in any administrative task necessary to carry out a successful project.
  • Have complete knowledge of the contents and the processes involved to create the various documents used in construction management such as, but not limited to:  Bid Package forms, Sub Contract Agreements, Insurance requirements, Payment Requisitions, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Requests for Information, Notices, Letters, Meeting Minutes, Trends, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Construction Department the timely expedition and/or cost coding of all required documents, including but not limited to: insurances from sub or trade contractors, sub-contracts, Purchase Orders, invoices and material delivery tickets.
  • Assist in the close-out of subcontracts and the receipt of documentation in connection with those close-outs.
  • Undertake other duties as directed by the Senior Project Manager and/or DDD Group's Upper Management, with Comptrollers approval.
  • Make sure that all processed documents comply with all the requirements of the Company.
  • Other general office work as required

Secondary Duties

  • To assist SPM in solving invoicing issues.
  • To assist VP in other tasks.


  • Purchase Order and Change Order documentation for Accounting Processes.
  • Daily reports of unprocessed invoices.
  • Weekly Payroll Documentation as Required.
  • Filed attendance report.

Key Skills

  • Highly Organized.
  • Outstanding computer skills.
  • Ability to multitask with attention to detail and accuracy.


  • Bachelor's Degree or Accounts Payable Training.


  • One to two years of related experience.
  • Knowledge of Accounting Software preferred.

Salary Range

Varies with experience, seniority & performance